Getting rid of negativity

we've all come across those people who when they come near you drain you. Its like they have a lose umbilical cord and plug it into anyone who will give them the time of the day. so how do you deal with them?
Eat lots of chocolate, have a drink, run away from them or just put up with them. What does this say about you? let me know the best ways you've found of dealing with negative people xxoxx
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  1. InspGra

    If this is a hyperthetical / research question, then my answer would be B. If it is from your own life experience, then you need to confront it. If that person is pivotal to your life then have the confidence to explain the situation to them. If not, then think of what that person really means and decide a safe level of contact. Be strong and honest. XX

    July 06, 2010